For this week’s Mojo Boost, we’re focusing on the second step of the VISION Framework – Interrupting your Inner Dialogue.

After setting a bold goal, or Visualizing your Mojo Motive, doubt can come creeping in. This is why the second step in the VISION Framework is committed to evaluating your self-talk and ensuring that the voice in your head is propelling you toward your goals.

Ask yourself, what stories are you telling yourself, and how are they affecting your Mojo? I often ask clients to separate these thoughts into two characters – their inner cheerleader and their inner critic. 

The inner cheerleader is your biggest supporter, it’s the voice that picks you up when you’re feeling down. The inner critic is often harsh and unexpected. A powerful litmus test for deciphering these characters is to ask yourself, “would I say that to my best friend?” If the answer is no, you’ve spotted your inner critic rearing its head! 

One of my guests on this season of Mojo Mondays Bootcamp shared some amazing advice in the episode about what she would tell her younger self to interrupt her inner dialogue – give Episode Five a listen for her insights.

Now that we’ve Visualized a clear Mojo Motive and have evaluated our Inner Dialogue and addressed any doubts that may be rising up, it’s time to step into action with the third and fourth steps of the VISION Framework – Step Out of your Comfort Zone & Iterate to Innovate! I’ll be back in your inbox next week with more.