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Find Your “Hell Yes”

Energy is like a contagious spark – it spreads, and we can’t help but pick up on the vibes around us. In a world where just 32% of employees are genuinely engaged with their roles, as reported by Gallup’s latest data, there’s an undeniable need to equip our organizations with the tools to ignite positive energy, that I like to refer to as Mojo, to help them recharge and start each week full of possibilities.

Participants will learn how to:

Increase Engagement & Boost Energy: Summon your Mojo on-demand, whenever and wherever you need it, with the Mojo Framework.

Work Smarter & Increase Productivity: Delve into the psychology of peak performance and discover the habits and beliefs that drive success.

Take Ownership & Embrace Accountability: Translate program insights into action.

Find Your “Hell Yes” can be customized to your specific needs and delivered as an interactive workshop or a keynote speech.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Laura has a special talent in designing and facilitating programs that immediately captivate the group. The Managing Transitions training evolved our thinking about how we can best coach and lead our teams during times of change. The leadership team left the session with a new perspective and strategies to engage and support our staff."

Mitchell Silver, NYC Parks Commissioner

"Laura did an outstanding job facilitating our team’s off-site. She carefully and strategically listened to our needs to create exercises and training that helped a newly formed team to gel and connect their individual roles to our overall mission. Anyone looking for an engaging, business-focused team meeting, make sure to hire Laura Schwarz."

Steven Walkerwicz, Vice President/Trade Marketing, Pernod Ricard USA

"Laura’s ability to gain the team’s trust allowed her to quickly get the pulse of our organization, and helped us focus on our greatest opportunities during our rapid expansion. Laura is a terrific strategic partner."

Steve Abrams, Owner, Magnolia Bakery

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