Our guest this week is Jill Greenfield, partner at Fieldfisher and one of the top Injury Claims Lawyers in the UK. Jill is a fierce advocate for women’s rights and is currently leading the UK cases against Harvey Weinstein and is also involved in supporting the victims of Jeffery Epstein. 

Jill’s chosen career path was influenced by her early experiences with sexual abuse and violence toward women in her community. This episode is a powerful reminder to take stock of what fuels us so that we can use our voices to call for accountability and change.

Here are three takeaways from our conversation:

  • Speak Up. While necessary for her work, speaking up is something Jill is adamant about. Jill feels an obligation to give voice to the voiceless and to say the things people don’t necessarily want to hear.
  • Keep Grounded. Growing up without money and needing to work hard for everything in her life, Jill credits her upbringing for her ability to stay grounded.  When things are challenging, she stays focused and finds resilience by remembering her roots and feeling grateful for all that she has overcome on her journey.
  • Forge Your Own Path. Jill believes you can and should ignore people who are not supportive. There will be doubters whenever you take the road less traveled. Don’t let others’ limited beliefs interrupt or distract you from following your unique plan.

This week’s Mojo Move is to Interrupt your Inner Dialogue. 

Interrupting your Inner Dialogue means evaluating your self talk and ensuring that the voice in your head is propelling you toward your goals.  Jill shared some amazing advice in the episode about what she would tell her younger self – give the episode a listen for her insights.

As always, Mojo Mondays Bootcamp is here to show you what’s possible in your life. I hope these notes and my weekly Mojo Move at the end of the interview help you find and activate your Mojo!

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