I hope you enjoyed last week’s challenge, Savor the Present.  If you missed it, click here!

This week is all about telling your crew what you appreciate about them as they want and need to know! For this week’s challenge, it’s important to remember that people can’t read your mind, so if you are thinking something positive about someone, you need to tell them.  Don’t fall into the trap of assuming they know how you see them. 

For example, when I share 360 feedback results with my executive coaching clients what is most surprising for them is not hearing their development areas, it’s hearing which of their strengths are acknowledged by their colleagues. 

They typically undervalue or do not fully appreciate the positive impact their actions have on others. Once my clients truly own and acknowledge their “super powers” it gives them fuel to tackle their developmental areas.

Sharing what you appreciate in others not only helps them activate their mojo, but the act of showing gratitude will also help you get your mojo going.  When we focus on others it stops us from getting stuck in the past when we fixate on what’s not working and keeps us present and forward looking.

So for this week’s Gratitude Challenge, think of at least three people you want to acknowledge and thank for being in your corner.  Drop them a text, email, note or pick up the phone today and share with them what you value, appreciate or admire about them and what they add to your life. This may sound corny to you, but trust me they need and want to know this information. Feel free to repeat this exercise each day this week!

I’d love to know how this challenge worked for you – get in touch via LinkedIn or Instagram.

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And if you have any friends that you think would want in on the Gratitude Challenge, please share it with your friends – I’m sure they’ll be grateful that you did!

In gratitude, Laura