We are kicking off our Gratitude Challenge by focusing on the things already present in our lives. 

We see what we look for.  

Anyone who has ever been in the market for a new car knows that once you’ve decided on what your next car will be, you start seeing that model everywhere. And it just does not apply only to cars – it’s universal. So by focusing on what’s already working well in our lives, we will start to notice more of these bright spots.

So for this week’s Gratitude Challenge, write down on a piece of paper at least five specific things that you are grateful for.  It could be simple (savoring your coffee), every day wonders (watching the sunset), moments of connection (speaking with your best friend) or profound (I’m alive today).  The possibilities are endless. So start writing!

Once you have your list, keep it somewhere you can see it and start each day by reading your list. This will prime your mind to find gratitude in the present moment throughout the day.

On Friday,  reflect on the week. What positive things did you start to notice and appreciate?

I’d love to know how this challenge worked for you – hit reply to this email or get in touch via LinkedIn or Instagram.

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And if you have any friends that you think would want in on the Gratitude Challenge, please share it with your friends – I’m sure they’ll be grateful that you did!

In gratitude,