Miri Rodriguez as Global Head of Internships at Microsoft, is a champion and fierce advocate for the company. But her first experience at Microsoft was extremely difficult. She was bullied by her colleagues and felt she was set up to fail.

Miri shares her turnaround story and the steps to take when you need to rewrite your own story.

Here are my top three takeaways from our conversation:

Values Matter. We spend so much time at work. If your core values don’t align with your company’s values, you may need to make a change. When our values are not embraced by others, our energy quickly gets depleted. Miri shared that despite her rocky start, she stayed at Microsoft because she felt the culture was moving in a positive, inclusive direction. Which of your values are celebrated at work?

Own Your Seat. Miri learned to keep her Impostor Syndrome in check. She now clearly sees how her diversity of thought and unique experiences are valuable. She looks for ways to create environments where differences are celebrated, not just tolerated. What unique perspective you do you bring, and how will you share it?

Accept Help. You don’t need to do everything all yourself.  If someone asks how they can help you, let them. And, find your tribe. Without one, this will be a lonely journey. What help do you need and who will you ask?

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