Our guest today is Sarah Tabb, Chief Marketing Officer at Milk Bar. Milk Bar made its mark on the dessert scene by turning familiar treats upside and on their heads.  They’ve come a long way since they opened their first shop in 2008, and now their loyal fan base can enjoy their addictive products at one of their twelve stores, in grocery stores, or through their website.

In this episode, we cover the lessons learned and the wisdom Sarah gained during three career pivots – starting with her front row seat to the implosion of one of the most high profile banking scandals of our time, then working at CocaCola to build her marketing skills, to joining Milk Bar during its growth stage. 

Here are my top three takeaways from my conversation with Sarah:

“Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” Sarah half jokingly shares that she believes only the paranoid survive and as a result, has become both a master planner and pivoter. 

Perfectionism hinders career development. Sarah learned firsthand that, at times, done is better than perfect. Notice when perfectionism is standing in the way of change or progress.

Trust your team. Sarah loves sports analogies and sees her role as the coach, whose spot is on the sideline and not running the plays on the field. Her leadership philosophy is to remove herself from the day-to-day and trust her team.

As we continue to make progress on our 2022 Story it’s important to take a step back and review our goals and measures of progress.  To learn how to do that and get the full details on this week’s exercise, listen to the full episode HERE. If you have not downloaded the “Create Your 2022 Story” reflection journal, you can download it at i2Leadership.com/mystory.

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