This week we welcome Robyn Shepherd, Head of Corporate Engagement at Bridgewater Associates to Mojo Mondays Bootcamp! Recognized as one of the top women in hedge funds, Robyn candidly shares her journey with us.

In our conversation we discuss why it is important to create your own opportunities, the benefits of working in a radically transparent culture, and how she springs forward when facing adversity. This episode provides a playbook on how to activate an executive mindset regardless of your official title – and how to identify the next move in your career.

Here are three takeaways from our conversation: 

  • Create your Community. When Robyn joined Bridgewater in 2004, she was the only female investment associate at that time. After feeling the support of female leaders, she created WIN (Women’s Influence Network) to provide Bridgewater employees a place to connect and support one another. 
  • It’s not about “thick skin”. Robyn does not believe having thick skin makes it easier to receive feedback.  For her, it’s about being eager to receive and implement feedback by adopting a growth mindset.  She realized early on that without this feedback, you won’t improve.
  • Notice Energy Flow.  Robyn shared the three questions she asks people when they are looking for advice about what to do next – What are your magnetic pulls? What are you most proud of? What did other people get to work on that you didn’t, and why? – to figure out what her mentees are drawn to, and where they’re meant to work.

This week’s Mojo Move is to Iterate to Innovate. 

The journey from iteration to innovation is not always an easy one but is absolutely necessary for different results. As Robyn shared, giving or receiving feedback isn’t always easy, but in her experience, this transparency and honesty around performance are paramount to growth and success. To hear Robyn’s advice on how to best receive tough feedback and for more on this week’s Mojo Move, listen to the full episode here (  

As always, Mojo Mondays Bootcamp is here to show you what’s possible in your life. I hope these notes and my weekly Mojo Move at the end of the interview help you find and activate your Mojo!

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