Today we are joined by Penny Pennington, CEO of Edward Jones. Penny personifies “MOJO” as she shares her journey from a financial planner to managing partner at one of the country’s largest investment firms. 

We also discuss the importance of knowing when to trust your gut and what Penny does to expand her zone of comfort. 

This season we are going deep on the transformative power of storytelling. We’re going to provide the inspiration, tools, and structure, to help you craft your 2022 story – don’t forget to download the free reflection journal at to brainstorm and plan your next steps!

Here are my top three takeaways from my conversation with Penny:

Gut Impulse > Mental Calculus. When making a big decision or considering a shift, take time to connect with your body and listen to the messages it is sending you.  This is what propelled Penny to leave a successful career in banking and start her next career as a financial planner and the rest is history.

Survival is a low bar.  Penny beat breast cancer, but don’t call her a survivor. For Penny, survival is a low bar – she is all about thriving. This mantra is one she pulls into her professional life as well – she wants nothing less than a thriving career.

Say “Yes” to things that terrify you.  Penny has something on her calendar every day that terrifies her. This helps her learn, grow and expand her comfort zone.  What will you say yes to that terrifies you?

I could not ask for a better guest to get us fired up to make progress on our 2022 headlines. 

Last week I challenged you to think about one or two “headlines” of things you want to happen by December of 2022 –  now let’s start to get some momentum behind them! 

For full details on this week’s exercise, listen to the full episode HERE.

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