Are you counting the days until the world fixes itself so you can go back to your old life? 

Waiting is not the answer. People who claw their way through significant challenges or reinvent themselves do it by changing their story, taking charge and altering their outlook.   

Here are three keys to reinvention: 

Update Your Story

What are the stories you tell yourself? Are they outdated? Are they helpful?  Jeff Henderson, the first guest on my Mojo Mondays Bootcamp podcast, exemplifies the power of updating your story to change your destiny.  He went to federal prison for dealing drugs on the streets of Los Angeles. While behind bars, he had lots of time for reflection. After participating in a drug treatment program, he realized he’d been living his life with a victim’s mindset: blaming circumstance for his poor choices. From that point forward, Jeff chose to focus on what he could control his actions and he poured all of his energy into his dream of becoming a chef. He lived according to his mantra: “Let the setback be the comeback.” While it was a long journey with many curve balls, ultimately, he became an Executive Chef on the Las Vegas strip.  

Is it time to revise your story?

Invest Your Time Wisely

Your time is a limited asset. Where you spend it determines the return on your investment. An exercise I frequently ask my executive coaching clients to complete is tracking where they spend their time. Once they have the data, I ask them if their time investment matches their priorities. I have yet to work with a leader who is satisfied when they see the outcome of this exercise. 

How you spend your time is not the only factor at play in moving you closer to what matters most.  You should also consider who gets your time.

Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, bestselling author and motivational speaker said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Who you spend your time with matters. 

Is your tribe lifting you up or bringing you down? 

Plan each week to ensure you are spending your time doing things and connecting with the people that will move you closer to your goals.

Expect Discomfort

Growth and comfort do not coexist. If you want a different outcome, you need to try something new and for most people, trying something new is uncomfortable.  So rather than labelling that uncomfortable feeling as scary, redefine it as the effect of building a new skill or taking a risk.  

Jay Klein, founder of The PUR Company took on the gum industry with his aspartame-free products.  During our interview on the podcast, he said ”You want to feel a little uneasy when you’re making a decision. That’s how you know there’s a little risk involved. If it’s an easy decision and you don’t think twice about it, maybe you’re not risking enough.” The magic happens outside your comfort zone.  

What risk will you take? 

Adjusting the stories we tell ourselves, investing our time wisely and recognizing that discomfort is proof of growth will enable us to regain control in managing our careers and our lives.

Laura Schwarz is an Executive Coach and Founder of i2 Leadership, working with leaders at some of the world’s top companies to help them build resilient, thriving teams. You can learn more about her speaking and training at She also hosts the Mojo Mondays Bootcamp Podcast featuring inspiring stories about people who overcame the adversity of a public firing, immigration, Imposter Syndrome, and more by building the resiliency skills required to go after their dreams.

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