As we say goodbye to summer and usher in the Fall, I feel the air is buzzing with change and transition. I know we’re all probably tired of hearing about “The Great Resignation” by now, but are we really surprised? 

I think about my parents, who had good jobs, but the work wasn’t fulfilling for them. Despite their dedication and effort, it was clear something was missing, and I saw the toll that can take on a person each and every day. Then in 1987, when the stock market crashed, I saw a lot of my friends’ parents lose their jobs and what that lack of control of their professional lives did to finances and family. Considering all of that, I made a note to myself that I wanted to have my own business to control my own destiny.

But it wasn’t until I experienced my own life-pivoting bout of uncertainty and lack of fulfillment that I made good on that promise to myself. After becoming a mom, I went back to work after my maternity leave, and realized that my exhaustion had nothing to do with caring for a newborn. The content of the job simply wasn’t fulfilling anymore.

I was reminded that the more you try out new ideas and move forward, the more you discover that certain experiences stick with you and others don’t. But you have to take the first step. 

For me it was first the challenge of switching careers to become an executive coach and becoming an entrepreneur. And once I truly found my groove professionally I was forced to pivot my business during COVID which led me to launch my podcast, Mojo Mondays Bootcamp. For others it may be a new career path, a new city, or new boundaries. For your team it may be a new perspective, a new way of working, or a new eagerness for “normalcy”. So, what will be your first step to embrace this newness? 

Many teams are utilizing the Activate your Mojo Vision program as a first step toward embracing new work arrangements. This quick, impactful program provides opportunity for team connections as well as helps individuals pinpoint what they specifically need to do to pivot and adapt to their current reality.

If you think your team could benefit from a program like this, you can learn more at Or, if you know someone that could benefit from a bit of guidance while navigating our ever-changing times, forward them this email because over the next few weeks, my newsletter will be focused on walking you through the VISION Framework.