While in lockdown, many of us had to rework our daily rituals. From adjusting to new working patterns, or having kids at home learning, or even just a lack of commute – I’ve heard overwhelmingly from friends and colleagues that reworking their daily routines was a major adjustment during the pandemic. 

I’ve noticed we hold a microscope to how our time is spent in the mornings and evenings, and on the weekends, but it seems uncommon for us to evaluate our work day with a similar attention to detail. 

Especially when working on a big project or when chasing down a big goal, I hear from clients time and again – I just don’t know where the time goes! 

The fifth step in the VISION Framework, Own your Day, requires you to step back and reflect on what gets your time and attention.

We rarely take stock of where our time is spent at work – we’re quick to accept a meeting or take on a semi-redundant task, but slow to recognize how taxing these items can be on our overall productivity. It could be time to stop and ask, does your calendar align with your goals? Who gets your time? 

In the same vein, the final step in the VISION Framework, “N” is an opportunity to Notice What’s Working. These processes of evaluation and adjustment are crucial to making continual progress. 

Are you consistently taking the time to reflect and optimize your outcomes? How are you integrating your learnings to be more effective, efficient, and ultimately make your VISION a reality? This final step of the VISION Framework provides an opportunity to take stock and reexamine how and where our energy is being spent. 

I hope this deep dive into the VISION Framework has helped you to get closer to achieving your goals and what matters most to you.

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