I’m a structure girl.  When I find something that works,  I stick with it.  

Since dropping my gym membership in March 2020, I’ve become an avid walker (ok, obsessive walker).  Walking checks many boxes for me … it gets me moving, it gets me outside of my apartment, and, most importantly, gets me into nature.

Some of my best conversations and breakthrough ideas have happened on walks over the past 18 months – walking has become my mojo move. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of becoming too reliant on one solution.

When you over invest in one approach there is the unintended consequence of overuse as well as the chance of under-developing other important areas.  I know this because I have coached leaders on this for years.

Did it stop me from developing a foot injury from overuse? Sadly not. 

Like I tell my clients, regardless of how well a single leadership approach has served them in the past, we can’t have just one solution, one tool, one outlet to activate our mojo.

We must continue to develop and hone an arsenal of options to keep things fresh, to stay challenged and agile, and, as I learned, to avoid overuse. 

So, here I am, following my own advice. As I contemplate the potential contenders for new mojo moves, I’m asking myself the following questions:

  • What keeps me present?
  • What activities do I find myself losing track of time? 
  • Which conversations and activities make me feel most alive?
  • What are my guilty pleasures?

Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. I hope you’ll take this cautionary tale as an opportunity to evaluate your own mojo moves – is it time to infuse a few new moves into your mix?