I’ll be the first to say it. 2021 was a marathon of a year and the fact that you are still standing – even if you did not officially participate in any official marathon race – know that you are a finisher 🥇 🎉

In a few weeks, that familiar buzz will be in the air as we all start counting down the days until 2022. A new year presents an opportunity to reset and start with a clean slate.  

However, I urge you to take your wins and wisdom from the prior year with you. 

As a thank you for all your support this year, I’ve created the Wisdom & Wins Journal to help you close out 2021 and start 2022 with the wind at your back. This short journal includes a series of prompts and exercises to help you reflect, take stock, and then move from insight to action! ⚡️ 👊

Please let me know what you are learning and noticing from this exercise. I’m just an email away! 

Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Years to you and yours!