This week, I am thrilled to welcome Allison Romano, General Manager, Xbox Digital Marketing at Microsoft.  In this episode, Allison takes us through her career journey and the bold career decisions she learned to make along the way. 

We talk about how Allison lives her life without regrets, how she determines if a job is the right fit for her, and how she recognized her bias for action has both the potential to serve her and get in her way if left unchecked.  

Here are my top three takeaways from our conversation:

Get out of your head. Stop worrying about how others are perceiving your career decisions. No one else is keeping track of your career – they are focused on their own progress.  

Power move = No action. Allison has a bias for action and although this has served her well in her career, she has learned that sometimes the best action is no action. Sometimes, if you hang back and wait, issues resolve on their own. 

Leadership Matters. A “dream” job at a company that does not have a strong leadership team will not remain a dream job for long. 

Take a moment to reflect and think about what inspired you from this conversation. What will you be borrowing from Allison’s Mojo Manual? 

Once you have your answers, start incorporating them into your own Mojo Manual. 

Thank you for joining me for another season of Mojo Mondays Bootcamp. I hope this season inspired you  to create your own Mojo Manual, and as I continue to practice what I preach, next week I’ll be sharing my own Mojo Manual with you.

And remember, if you or your team want to bring my signature training “How to Activate Your Mojo” training to your next team meeting, I’m only an email away –  you can contact me at 

Here’s to your days being filled with mojo and possibilities.

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