On this episode of Mojo Mondays Bootcamp, we are joined by Trier Bryant, President of 82VS: Alloy Therapeutics’ Venture Studio. I first met Trier during the beginning of her transition from being an officer in the Air Force to corporate America when she joined the Goldman Sachs’s Veterans Integration Program. 

In our conversation, we talk about the multiple pivots she has navigated from leaving the military, to Wall Street, and then on to Silicon Valley. Trier shares her insights on mentorship, and how she prevents burnout while still following her family’s motto that fuels her incredible work ethic. 

Here are my top three takeaways from this powerful conversation with Trier:

Channel your perfectionism. Trier intentionally channels her perfectionism by consciously focusing these tendencies on areas that give her joy (like her super organized closet) rather than in areas that can have unintended consequences on other people.

Prioritize Continuous Self Care.  You would never let your phone battery get down to 5% so monitor your energy with the same diligence. Trier shares her proactive self care strategies to avoid burnout.

Birthday = New Year.  Forget about goal setting in January – Trier finds it most motivating to orient the start of her year on her birthday, using it to track her progress toward her goals.

After listening to the full episode, I challenge you to reflect – what will you be borrowing from Trier’s Mojo Manual? What inspired you from this conversation? 

Once you have your answers, start incorporating them into your own Mojo Manual. 

And remember, if you or your team could use some additional support in finding and activating your MOJO, I’m only an email away – you can reach me at laura@i2Leadership.com

See you next Monday!

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