On this episode of Mojo Mondays Bootcamp, I am thrilled to welcome Kate Pomeroy, Head of Innovation for Pernod Ricard North America. In this episode, Kate provides a crash course on personal branding – from the importance of carving out your own identity, to understanding how you are perceived.

Kate was my first manager when I graduated college and all these years later, I continue to learn something from her every time we get together and today I’m excited for you to learn from her.

Here are my top three takeaways from my conversation with Kate:

Don’t take the bait. Kate talks about the importance of knowing when to challenge, and when to back down. Conserve your energy for what is most important rather than trying to win every time. 

Take a beat. When you receive feedback, give yourself a moment to reflect before reacting.

Look for the signals. If you’re not getting the recognition you want, what strengths should you utilize or what new behaviors should you adopt to add value? 

Take a moment to reflect and think about what inspired you from this conversation. What will you be borrowing from Kate’s Mojo Manual? 

Once you have your answers, write down responses to start your initial draft of your Mojo Manual. If you are interested in spreading Mojo throughout your team or organization, please get in touch with me at laura@i2leadership.com to learn more about my “How to Activate Your Mojo” Training.

Here’s to a week of possibilities,

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