Season Five of Mojo Mondays Bootcamp premieres September 12th!  

This season, we are adding a new twist to the podcast you know and love – we’re asking our guests to share their personal Mojo Manuals – how they structure their lives to find and keep their mojo day in, day out. 

As always, you’ll also hear our guest’s inspirational stories about how they overcame the obstacles that stood between them and their dreams. 

I’m so excited for us to learn from them, borrow a few of their Mojo Moves and ultimately create our own Mojo Manuals so we’ll have a playbook to activate our mojo whenever we need it.  

On September 12th, we’re kicking Episode One off with the incredible Lybra S. Clemons, Chief Diversity Officer from Twilio. When asked about the importance of her Mojo Manual, she shared:

“I need to have the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual all connected…it embodies who I am, it allows me to tap into purpose in a way that is free of distractions but also keeps me accountable.”

I can’t wait for you to hear more from her and the other incredible guests we have lined up for this season.

If you have not subscribed already, go ahead and do that right now so you will be all set to create your Mojo Manual with us on Monday  – you can find us wherever you get your podcasts or or by subscribing to the newsletter at