Are you ready for Season Four of Mojo Mondays Bootcamp? I’m so excited to tell you about our new season, launching Monday, January 24th!

This season, we are going deep on the importance and transformative power of storytelling.

I can’t wait for you to meet this season’s rockstar guests who work at some of the world’s most recognized companies (Campbells, NBCUniversal, Google and Microsoft) candidly share their life paths and the wisdom they learned along the way. These powerhouse women will reveal the “headlines” they are working on for 2022 and what they are doing to turn them into reality.  

We are doing something new this season.  We’ve created an exercise to help you Create Your 2022 Story. This is not about resolutions, it is about getting clear on your vision for the year.  It’s time to think about what would make 2022 meaningful to you. 

Is this the year you invest in that course you’ve been eyeing? 

Is this the year you make a bold move in your career? 

Is  there a hobby you’re looking to dedicate more time to?

At the end of each episode we will provide you with a prompt or exercise to help you write and own your 2022 story.  

Episode One is focused on helping you get clear on the story you want to create, the following episodes of this season will help you create your plan to turn those ideas into actions. 

We have quite the line up for 2022, I can’t wait for you to hear my guests incredible stories! Before we kick things off next Monday, I’ve created a reflection journal for you to brainstorm and plan your next steps on Your 2022 Story throughout the season.  You can download it at

Episode One drops January 24th.  Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to get the episode when they  drop. Here’s to getting our Mojo going and writing our 2022 stories together. 

See you on Monday!