Our guest today is Maria Weaver, President of WMX (Warner Music Experience), a new division of Warner Music Group, WMX was launched to create immersive, innovative, and impactful experiences that bring together artists, audiences, and advertisers in new and powerful ways – and Maria is the powerhouse at its helm.  Maria has built an impressive career in marketing and media – prior to joining WMX, Maria was the Chief Marketing Officer at Comcast Advertising. 

In this episode, Maria shares the importance of checking in with our personal barometers before making decisions – whether it’s the big stuff (like our careers) or daily decisions (like when we should speak up in a meeting).

We learn how Maria moved from not feeling valued at work to becoming an award winning Executive and advocate for women and diverse leaders.

Here are my top three takeaways from my conversation with Maria:

Take a 10-Year View.  Maria is a fan of focusing on 10 year increments to set her professional and personal priorities for each decade. She has found this approach liberating because it removes the pressure to do it all at the same time and helps clarify her decision making criteria based on what she is prioritizing at the time.

Follow Your Barometer.   Each of us has our own barometer of what is important to us which can help us decide when to speak up. Maria encourages people to ask themselves a simple question before taking action –  “When you go to sleep at night,  are you going to feel okay with your choice?”.  Find the moments that make the most sense to you to take action because ultimately you need to be comfortable with the choices you make.

Clear your head.  Maria’s mojo moves of journaling, meditating, and running allow her to create the space for her to think things through and move from overwhelm to action. How do you clear your head?

Throughout the season, I’m wrapping up each episode with an exercise to help you write your 2022 story. I’ve created the “Create Your 2022 Story” reflection journal for you to brainstorm and plan your next steps.  You can download it at i2Leadership.com/mystory.

For more details on crafting your 2022 story and more gems from Maria, listen to the full episode HERE.

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