Our guest today is Kristina Rogers, EY Senior Partner & Global Executive for Consumer Industries. She is responsible for defining and implementing EY’s strategy for consumer products companies and retailers and leads over 30,000 EY professionals worldwide.

Today’s episode highlights the third step in the VISION Framework, Step Out of your Comfort Zone. You will learn how Kristina’s willingness to follow her inner voice has served her well while working and living in more than 20 countries as well as the chairwoman of the EY Consumer Industries Global Executive Board, which serves to challenge the way companies think about understanding and serving the ever-evolving consumer.

Here are three takeaways from our conversation:

  • Dream Your Way Out. As a young girl, Kristina dreamt of getting a good education that would allow her to travel the world. She talks about working hard to dream her way into college and, ultimately, into living and working abroad.

  • Define Success for Yourself. Kristina found the courage to take a different path and accept whatever consequences that came with her decisions. She challenges us to question the mantle of success that others project onto us and find our own definition of success.

  • Trust your Inner Voice. Kristina’s career has been shaped by her inner voice. By trusting her inner voice Kristina was able to pave her own road to success. 

This week’s Mojo Move is to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.

In this episode, Kristina talks about having the courage to take your own path. She urges us to take it all in, the good and the bad, and the uncomfortable to thrive outside of our comfort zone. 

For many of us, the shift from going into an office every day to working from home pushed us out of our comfort zone.  Sixteen plus months later, what was once uncomfortable has gotten comfortable.  And now, as we emerge from our COVID bubbles and return to the office or hybrid work arrangements, we once again will need to step out of our comfort zones and establish new ways of working and routines.  

If you or your team could benefit from taking a closer look at what is truly needed to step out of your comfort and adapt to your new circumstances, I would love for you to reach out to learn more about my Activate your Mojo VISION Program. It’s the perfect combination of team building that combines professional development, inspiration, and team connection. This type of team experience is needed now more than ever and I would love to help. You can find learn more at i2Leadership.com

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Stay tuned for Season 4 and, as always, Mojo Mondays Bootcamp is here to show you what’s possible in your life. I hope these notes and my weekly Mojo Move at the end of the interview help you find and activate your Mojo!

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