Paralympic Gold Medalist and six-time World Champion Wheelchair Racer Josh George is a man of speed not only on the track. Our interview flew by as he shared the lessons he’s learned on his journey. Here are my top three takeaways from our conversation for the latest episode of Mojo Mondays Bootcamp. 

Take a break to gain perspective and recharge. After Josh’s disappointing showing at the Beijing Games, he believed the solution was heading straight back into his training without taking a break. This began a series of negative training cycles and race results because he did not take the time to process what happened in Beijing and reflect on what he needed to do differently to improve his performance.

Focus on the process rather than the result. Once Josh shifted his focus from the things he couldn’t control (i.e. weather, flat tire) to the things he could control (i.e. mindset, effort), he was able to separate his self-worth from specific performance in a race or training session. He was then able to appreciate and value how consistent, incremental improvement would ultimately transform his outcomes. 

Compete against yourself. Josh’s Mojo Motto is “Maximize Your Perspective”. Don’t compare yourself to others. Be the best version of you. It makes it easier to recognize your progress.

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