Brynly Llyr, Cryptocurrency Lawyer and General Counsel of cLabs, shares her unusual career path from dropping out of Columbia University to Silicon Valley.

Here are my top three takeaways from our conversation: 

Find your “Next Best Step”. The benefit of focusing on the next best step is that when an interesting opportunity presents itself, you can jump in and take the risk because you are not fixated on following a master plan. What opportunities would open if you gave yourself permission to try something out without the pressure of it needing to be perfect?

The Gift of Frustration. Brynly talks about the upside of frustration. Although being frustrated does not feel good, it is a signal that something is not working. Next time you feel frustrated or are with someone who is frustrated, get curious about what’s causing that feeling.  What will you do to get yourself, or someone else, unstuck?

Reframe Job Security. Brynly discusses blind spots that develop when we remain in roles that make us feel too comfortable for too long. Although it may feel safe staying in roles that don’t stretch you, it comes at a real cost of learning, staying relevant and employable for life.  What will you do to keep evolving and be employable for life?

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